Enrollstar is a way to manage membership and association dues.

We help non-profits and associatons be more effective.


Take care of all your member needs from one place

How Enrollstar Works

Keep tab of active members

Know which are your active and not active members right away. No more wasting time looking through lists and making calculations to know who is active and who is not.

Accept payments online


Collect credit card payments online with a few clicks. It doesn't matter what website platform you use or even if you have an existing website.

Don't worry about renewals again

We follow up with members automatically for you when it's time to renew. Forget about refund requests and start getting more members to renew every month!

Enrollstar dashboard screenshot

Your Member Data On All The Services You Love and Use

Remember those days when you had to copy and paste all your members to Mailchimp just to send a campaign to your active members? With our integrations you can forget about all of that since we keep all your data up-to-date in many services you currently use.

Your member data on Mailchimp Your member data on Eventbrite Your member data on G Suite

Get super powers

Your Members Will Love You

Access your information anywhere

All your member data is available in all your devices! Open your phone and check for membership changes. Have members join using their smartphones. Review member status on your iPad. Don't be tied to one device anymore.

Be Your Board's Hero

Know your numbers on the go! Know your membership separated by plans, revenue, and different dates. No more gotchas when it comes to knowing and understanding your membership revenue.


Enrollstar doesn't charge you a monthly fee. You pay per transaction and can choose to pass the service fee to your members.

Questions about pricing? Check out our pricing page.